The Paan Wallah - Part 2

The Pan Corner is located near Chowk police station in Narayan Katara, Nichibag.

The Grain Maker

his man as Assi ghat in Varanasi is making "daanaa" which means "a grain, clove, small object, corn, food etc."  There are around nine grains he throws into the cooker such as rice, corn, chips (all of which get "puffed").  He cooks with hot sand because the sand makes the process go much faster.  Underneath the cooker is a small coal fire.  After he has weighed all the ingredients, he throws them into the cooker.  When the grains have been cooked, he sifts the sand out and puts the grain into a large plastic cup in which, he puts a spoon of liquid green chili and some oil.  This he mixes with a spoon and then pours into a small bag made of newspaper.  The daanaa is served!

The Silver Jewelry Maker

Agam is a sixth generation silver jewelry maker who owns a shop at Assi ghat.  He can make any design you have in mind.  Follow this link to read more about Agam's shop.

The Egg Roll Maker

Santosh of Santosh's Roll Corner makes egg rolls in Lahatara, Varanasi.

The Pottery Maker

The clay in the Ganges river plain is perfect for making all sorts of pots and even small chai cups "coolard." A whole family in Varanasi is engaged in making chai cups.

The Stone Sculpture

This man is sculpting a Hanuman idol. He was taught as a child by growing up in the trade. One statue of this size takes approximately five days.

The Wedding Band

Weddings are a time of celebration in Varanasi and what better way to celebrate the occasion than to procure a brass band? Here the band plays outside the grooms house just before he is leave for the wedding ceremony.

The Embroidery Maker

Men stitch vestments for the catholic church and crowns for Krishna costumes.

The Glass Bead Maker

Glass bead making is an art found in Varanasi. These beads are exported all over the world. They can be purchased at Vibgyor Impex in Bhuddha colony in cantonment. Follow this link to read more about Vibgyor Impex.

The Saree Weaver

Mohammed Kamal Ansari comes from a long line of Banarasi saree makers.  In this video he will show how he weaves the fabric on his handloom.  The saree which he is making is called chiffon because of the lesser amount of vertical threads (as opposed to satin) which means it will be a lighter weight saree.  These Banarasi sarees can be purchased at the following address:

Mohd. Rojan Ansari

Bunkar Saree Centre

C. 15/108 Lallapura Sigra Varanasi UP 221001

Mob. 9305908254 (Rojan Ansari)

Mob. 9389501508 (Kamal Ansari)