The Jalebi Wallah

Jalebi is a sweet made in boiling oil.  It consists of mainly of crystallized sugar.  Jalebi can be found everywhere in Varanasi and is definitely worth a try!

The Snow Cone Wallah

The snow cone with flavor and coloring is a popular treat in Varanasi.  Here the snow cone maker shows how it is done.  For more information on Varanasi--its restaurants, upcoming events and more, visit

The Roasted Peanut Wallah

Peanut roasters can be found all over Varanasi. Charcoal is used to heat an iron bowl while sand is used in the bowl to help with the roasting process. This peanut roaster works at Assi ghat.

The Chat Wallah Part 2

Mahadev Chat Bhandar is located at Assi ghat in Varanasi.

The Thandai Wallah

Shri Chandramohan Paathak runs a thandai shop at Narayan Katra, Nichibag in Varanas.

The Buttered Bread Wallah

Lakshmi Chai Walah (chai walah means "the one who sells tea") has been in business for several generations at chowk in Varanasi.  It is the only tea stall which gives tea in real porcelain cups and dishes.  There are two snacks available.  The first is bread lathered with butter and the second is bread lathered with yogurt and topped with sugar.  These two go great with chai!  You might be wondering where to sit, but if you go through the entrance, you will see on the left and right actual benches and tables in rooms.  If you are in Chowk, stop by and try some chai today!

The Chat Wallah

Keshri Chat Bhandar is probably the most famous snack shop in all of Varanasi. It was started by Dinanath Keshri and is now run by his son Pradeep. The shop is located at Narial Bazar behind the Chowk police station in Varanasi.