Varanasi's Best!

Varanasi’s Best!

Bookstore – Harmony (Assi ghat)

Restaurant (vegetarian) – Crystal Bowl (Ravindrapuri)

Restaurant (non-vegetarian) - Bread of Life (Shivala)

Restaurant (south Indian) - Kerala Cafe (Bhelupur)

Hotel – Hotel Ganges View (Assi Ghat)

Coffeeshop – Flavours (Lanka)

Chai Shop – Lakshmi Chai Wallah (Chowk)

Lassi Shop - Blue Lassi Shop (Kauchari Gali, Chowk)

Jewelry Shop (silver) – Suneeta Jewelers (Assi Ghat)

Jewelry Shop (gold) – suggestions anyone?

Jewelry Shop (costume) – Preetam Jewlers and Priya Bangels (Vishwanath Lane)

Jewelry Shop (beads) – VIBGYOR Impex – (Mall Road, behind Clark’s Hotel)

Banarasi Sari – suggestions anyone?

Salwar Kameez – suggestions anyone?

Kurta Pajama – suggestions anyone?

Wool shop – Paraslakshmi Exports (Sidhgiribagh)

Gym - Talwalkars (Mahmoorganj)

Movie Theater – PDR (Luxa)

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