Varanasi Walks

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These 2 - 3 hour walks will take you in  and out of the most famous and
hidden places of our city!

Walk 1 - Southern Temples, Ponds, Poets &  Pandits - A walk through the
sacred temples and holy  ponds near the Southern ghats, or  embankments.

Walk 2
- Walking the Bengali Tola - Winding  through the street of the
Bengalis to the historic bathing site  called the Ten-horse sacrifice ghat.

Walk 3 - The City of Light - Beginning at the  cosmic centre of the city
and exploring the holy places of both Hindus &  Muslims surrounding it.

Walk 4 - Ancient Bazaars & Hidden  Alleys -  Winding through ancient
bazaars in  the Northern 'gullis' of old Varanasi that few foreigners ever  see.

We also have two exploration journeys that include motorised boat trips
with less walking, see below!

Journey 1 - Ram's  Lila - An early morning boat ride and trek around the
palace  of Kashi Naresh, the King of Banaras, and the site of the sacred Ram
Lila, the epic Hindu drama of Tuslidas.  (including Boat  Ride)

Journey 2 - Ganga's Aarti - An early evening boat ride  and walk
experiencing the mystical worship of the river and eerie power of the  nearby
cremation grounds burning 24 hours a day.  (including Boat  Ride)


INR 1200/- per person per exploration  with a max. 8 people per walk.  Hand
pulled boat rides can be  added to any of the 4 Varanasi Walks as a return
journey with prior notice for  Rs. 200/- per person. Discounts are available
to those who book in groups,  just ask!


• Explorer  Jai!  Jeremy 'Jai' Oltmann, is director of a Hindu  Studies
program for an American University who often avoids  work to take walks in the
hidden back alleys of the city, discuss the  historic architecture, and learn
about culture while chatting up  anyone from the local milkman to the temple

• Explorer  Lijo!  Abhishek 'Lijo' Daas is a student of Patanjali's  Yoga
system and art teacher in a local school. He never wants to return to  his
hometown of Delhi because sitting near the Ganga river and ingesting  local
folklore between cups of steaming hot Banarasi chai is so  much better.

• Explorer  Prem!  Enoch 'Prem' Phiri is a student of Indian culture and
human  rights and has been learning Hindi for the past 5 years in Varanasi.   He
feels his native Zimbabwe could use a dose of shanti and enjoys  talking,
reading and blogging politics in South Asia and Africa.

Additional Charges:

Boat rides can be added to any of  the walks as a return journey with prior
notice for Rs. 200/- per person.

Clean and courteous transportation  provided by Biju Travels of Haifa Hotel
at the going rates for those who  need pick ups and drop offs. Contact us
for rates.

Personalized explorations (i.e. British  India, Muslim sites, Music in
Banaras, Chunar Fort, Jaunpur Masjid) both locally  and further afield
(unfortunately by vehicle) can be arranged with prior contact  and discussion. Prices
upon request.

We aren't tourist guides with a  hidden agenda or academics with a long
detailed list of dates and data.  We  are just fellow explorers with a knack
for asking the right questions,  ingesting loads of local insights and taking
you to places you wouldn't  have seen otherwise.

If at anytime during the walk you  want to stop and take a break , ask
questions or head in another direction just  let us know! Come walk Varanasi
with us

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