Toy Junction

Owner: Vibhor Monga

3rd Floor, I.P. Mall, Sigra, Varanasi

Mob. 9336910652

Toy Junction is the biggest toy store in Varanasi and Vibhor Monga is the only supplier of Mattel and Hasbro on all of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.  As this is the case, you will find a great many items which are hard or impossible to get anywhere else.  A large selection of Hot Wheels are available as are G.I. Joe and other items for boys.  For girls there are Barbie dolls and lots of stuffed animals.  There are even plenty of toys for for children in the 0-2 age range--Fisher Price being the most well known brand.  Toy Junction is also a supplier for anything Play Station.  Be it Play Station 2 or 3 or even Play Station Portable, there are loads of games and accessories.  In the store, you will find an entire wall of boards games, a section of Jewelry and even a section of cologne for men and women.  This is also the place to go for VCDs and DVDs as Mongaji has reserved a wide section.  Are you looking for children's movies?  They are also stocked.  Come into Toy Junction today and see for yourself!