Gopalji Paan Walah

Name: Gopalji Paan Walah

Owner: Gopalji

Location: Opposite Jain Dharmashala, Bhelupur

Mobile: 9235740823

When Amitabh Bhachan sang Khaike Paan Banaraswala, he as telling all of India something they already know. Varanasi is the center of the Paan industry. What better place to take a Paan than here? Gopalji has been rolling the famous leave for as long as he can remember. Now his son also sits with him in a little roadside shop in Bhelupur. What makes people keep returning to Gopal? Partly location as he’s got the best spot in town. You don’t have to get off of your bike or scooter, just pull up alongside his shop and yell your order. He always hears over the din of traffic. Another aspect which draws people is his personality as Paan rolling is a social affair. People don’t so much gather at his shop, but they do talk while he’s making their order. Now you just imagine how much gossip Gopalji is privy to from 8 am to 11 pm each day. That’s just a joke, but his personality does play a role in his success. Lastly, the Paan he gives is full of just the right combination of betel nut. Or if you like, just the right amount of sweets. Drop by Gopalji’s shop and try out a Paan. You might find yourself coming back more often than you thought.