Bholanath Carpets

Bholanath Carpets

JHV Mall

Executive Director: Vivek Baranwal

Manager: Mumtaj Ahmed

T: +91-542-2620323

This could be the only shop in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh which sells carpets made in Bhadohi.  Bholanath Baranwal has set up carpet shops in 130 countries, all of which receive stock from Bhadohi.  Now he has finally set up a shop in Varanasi in JHV mall in cantonment.  From small to big and inexpensive to pricey and normal to finely designed, everything is available.  Eight foot by ten foot hand made woolen carpets can go up to one lack rupees in price if they are finely designed.  Many smaller carpets are of course much cheaper and can be had for as little as five thousand rupees.  The Bholanath name is synonymous with quality and trust.  You can be assured that you are getting a fair price for your carpet.  All prices are fixed.  The next time you are in JHV mall, go take a look at the carpets on hand.  You will be impressed with the quality and expertise which Bholanathji offers.