Nature's Gift

Located in the Ganga Math building at Assi ghat in Varanasi, the owner of Nature's Gift Rajesh Mishra sells organic dry foods, essential oils, herbal cosmetics and incense. His organic products have been certified through a stringent process so you can be sure of the their quality.

Martin Folatelli Mr. Sound Recording Studio

Martin Folatelli runs a recording studio in Nagwa Varanasi.  He is hired by Indian as well as foreign musicians for both sound and video recording.  In the above photo Martin (left) poses in a photograph with harmonium player Ashok Jha.

Mob. 9616366452

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Below is a sample of Martin's recent work.

Paisa Mantra

Anup Agrawal
Investment consultant
Mob: 09415870230
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Aatish Agrawal
Mob: 09335505900
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


7, Savitri Puri, Birdopur
City: Varanasi 221010
State: Uttar Pradesh
Country: INDIA
Land Line No 0542-2361419,0542-6529255

Anup Agrawal has been serving the community since 1974. He is joined by his son Aatish Agrawal. Together they offer complete financial services all under one roof.  All your accounts with Paisa Mantra can be easily accessed through their website at  Contact them today and see what they can do for you!

Scissors Salon

Amar nagar, Sonia, Varanasi

Mob: 9415435140

This barber shop (for men) is the cheapest air conditioned barbershop in Varanasi.  It is lined on three sides with mirrors with a high wall mounted television.  All the prices are clearly marked on a professional price list.  It is hard to find as it is behind some shops and only a little walkway leads to it.  On the main road is a general store and across from that is a pharmacy.  Ask for Scissors Salon which is near the Ghandi nagar gate and near the Amar nagar crossing and you will find it.

Suresh Kumar and Brothers Spice Shop

The best place in Varanasi to buy fresh spices is in the old city near Kabir Chaura. There are a good dozens shops in the Gola Dinanath lane selling a good dozen spices.  From Godowlia, you go north up the hill to Chowk.  After Chowk, the road goes steadily down.  Eventually you come to a large cross road called Saint Kabir road.  Turn left there and Gola Dinanath lane will be on the left.  The spice mix they make in this lane is called Pura Masala "all the spices" and is a mix of eleven plant including black pepper, cummin seed,cardamon, cinnamon, and clove.  I went to this shop because it was the only one in which a woman was working.   Her name is Ruby, obviously a nickname.  Her brother (on the left) is named Sachin.  They also own the big shop on the corner in which their father sits.  I bought 250 grams of pura masala--enough to last several months.  They say it goes well with both vegetables and meat.  For vegetables you add on spoon while for meat you add two spoons.  If you are going to try your hand at cooking Indian food, go by Gola Dinanath lane and get 250 grams just to try it out.

Khurana Automobiles

Khurana Automobiles

c-29/69 Maldahiya, Varanasi

Ph: 0542-2207532, 2207618

If you are thinking about purchasing an Enfield, then is the place to go!  If your Enfield is needing repairs, then this is also the place to go.  Rajendra Khurana has been in the business of selling Enfields since 1982.  Enfields get serviced here as well.  Starting February 2010, the Enfield Classic 350 will be launched in India and Khurana should have a model on hand.  Here's a good idea.  While your bike is undergoing servicing, stroll on down to Maharaja Fast Food & Chicken Corner--not too far from the dealership.

Bholanath Carpets

Bholanath Carpets

JHV Mall

Executive Director: Vivek Baranwal

Manager: Mumtaj Ahmed

T: +91-542-2620323

This could be the only shop in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh which sells carpets made in Bhadohi.  Bholanath Baranwal has set up carpet shops in 130 countries, all of which receive stock from Bhadohi.  Now he has finally set up a shop in Varanasi in JHV mall in cantonment.  From small to big and inexpensive to pricey and normal to finely designed, everything is available.  Eight foot by ten foot hand made woolen carpets can go up to one lack rupees in price if they are finely designed.  Many smaller carpets are of course much cheaper and can be had for as little as five thousand rupees.  The Bholanath name is synonymous with quality and trust.  You can be assured that you are getting a fair price for your carpet.  All prices are fixed.  The next time you are in JHV mall, go take a look at the carpets on hand.  You will be impressed with the quality and expertise which Bholanathji offers.

Paradise Dry Cleaners

Paradise Dry Cleaners

Bhelupur Chauraha, Vijaya Complex


This must be the best dry cleaners in town!  I stumbled on this shop the other day and was really impressed with the clean layout and that everything is kept behind wood framed glass closets. Paradise was started in 1956 by the Khanna family and is now run by Shiv Nath Khanna and his son Rhit Khanna.  I can't say a whole lot more because I haven't yet availed myself of their services.  But I can say that from the amount of suits and saris that are hanging, Paradise looks to be a roaring success.  You can believe me when I say that I'll be bringing my two suits over to Shiv and Rohit soon!

Mahadeo Picture & Glass Stores

Mahadeo Picture & Glass Stores

Proprietor: Deepak Motwani
Address: Bright Building, Godowlia

Just up Chowk direction from Godowlia crossing on the right is located Mahadeo Picture & Glass Stores.  Deepak has been in the business since he was a child as were his father and grandfather.  Like many artists, Deepak learned the business from his father.  However, over time he has added a lot of significant additions to the art of framing and greatly extended his services.  According the Deepak, every leading person in the city has some picture or portrait hanging on the wall which was framed at Mahadeo Stores.  Looking around the narrow shop, you will notice many paintings and relief works.  That is because Deepak is an importer of art from other parts of the country.  Be assured that you are receiving a fair price for your framed picture or art work.  As Deepak says, a happy customer is a returning customer.  So stop by Mahadeo Picture & Glass Stores and share a chai with its talkative and endearing owner Deepak.

Preshak Postal Service

Owners: Hemant Sarna and Manu Sarna

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mob. 9839067703

Preshak is a great place to mail a postcard, letter or package.  They can ship DHL, EMS and regular post.  Don't have a good box to send your items in?  Preshak Postal will pack, stitch and seal your package while you wait.  In the shop you will find postcards as well as handmade cards.  Preshak is conveniently located on the Assi road just before Assi ghat in Varanasi.  Stop by today and talk with the father Hemant or Manu his son and see what Preshak has stocked for you!