Bajarangi Book Stall


Assi, Varanasi (near Assi crossing)

Bajar means "hard" or "massive" and Bajarangi is a name for the monkey god Hanuman.  While Bajarangi Book Stall is not massive and doesn't have many books, it certainly has a lot of magazines and newspapers.  Whether English or Hindi, if it is worth reading, you'll find it here right near assi ghat on the main road.

Magazines & More

Magazines & More

A.P. and S.P. Singh

C 32/2 Vidyapith Rd

Shop: 0542-2221511

Office: 0542-2220060

Are you going on a long trip to Chennai, Mumbai or some such other far flung place by train?  If so, on your way to the train station stop by Magazines & More for some reading material!  They've got a new shop in a new shopping center just before you hit the main cross road before the train station (on the Sigra side). Everything is there from magazines about Bollywood stars to a variety of international business magazines.  If you look across the street, they also have a shop of newspapers from around the country and in a variety of Indian languages.  If you're wondering whether a certain magazine is in stock, just give them a call at the shop or office number and they'll be happy to tell you where and when it will be available.  Keep Magazines & More in mind when you make that next trip or even if you are just looking for latest Bollywood news.