Rita Beads & Fashion Jewellry

Dashashwamedh Road, Varanasi

Mob: 9838972064

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Rita Beads is the place to go for glass beads in Varanasi.  Rita along with her family, has been in business for twenty years.  All the beads are made in people's houses in Varanasi.  If the right materials are available and the person has the skills, the process of glass bead making can be done at home.  All the beads at Rita beads are "homemade" Varanasi creations.  They all are made in houses in Varanasi.  If you are in the Dashashwamedh area, stop by and say hello to Rita.  Ask her about the process of glass bead making.  This intricate craft goes on all over Varanasi.  Take some beads home with you today!