Preetam Jewelers and Priya Bangels Store

Sakshivinayak, Vishwanath Lane, Varanasi

Ph: 0542-2416343

No doubt this is the largest bangel and costume jewelry store in all of Varanasi. Shri Ashok Kumar Manik (pictured right) has run this shop since his childhood. His son Sant Kumar Manik (pictured left) is the third generation for this shop which has been running for seventy years.  You have never seen bangles until you come to this shop.  Besides bangles costume jewelry is also available including necklace, earring s, armlets, anklets, finger rings, toe rings, key rings, ladies belts, and cosmetics.  If you are wondering how costume jewelry gets repaired, go up to the second floor and watch the very skilled repairman at work.  Preetam Jewelers' products are all repairable right in their own shop!  A stop in Varanasi is not complete until you drop by Preetam Jewelers and Priya Bangles Stores.