The Gold Fish Aquarium

Owner P.K. Mukherjee

Smith School Road, Sigra, Varanasi

Mob: 9935023678

There's a unique fish shop in Sigra named The Gold Fish Aquarium which supplies many types of fish and aquariums.  Mr. Mukerjee, the owner, has been selling fish in Varanasi since 1985.  In order to increase his knowledge of fish, he went to Kerala and entered a training course for the subject.  At the shop are available Koi, red and yellow parrot fish, silver and red tail shark, angel and silver angel fish, gold and red cap gold fish as well as pearl scale gold fish, tiger and alvino tiger shark, tuxido and platinum angel fish and fighter fish.  There are an assortment of aquariums and all the necessary accessories for fish feeding and care.  Are you wondering how the tank will be kept clean?  Mr. Mukerjee makes sure that your tank is cleaned monthly.  come by Tbe Gold Fish Aquarium today and see what Mr. Mukerjee can do for you!