Picture of the Day - May 3

A man in Varanasi walks to this bike with a 10 liter can of cooking oil.  He has twine, which he will use to tie the container to his bicycle.  Most Indian food is cooked using oil. Thus the ever increasing price of oil angers people.  Here's a link to my favorite Indian oil. By way of example, a one liter packet is listed at 70 rupees on the Sundrop website.  Now it costs 140 rupees for one liter!  Since India is a quasi socialist state where most of the staples are subsidized, people vote according to what government handouts they hope to receive.  Here's an article on Indian food. Not too far off topic is the importance of ghee (clarified butter) to Indian cooking.  Ghee is made by boiling milk until all the water evaporates.  My neighbor swears by ghee made from cow's milk according to a strict Hindu formula.  You might be wondering where else milk would com from except cows? My guess is that 99% of Indians drink water buffalo milk. Cow milk happens to be drank quite rarely in Varanasi.  It is not that there are a lack of cows, but that the milk, and by extension ghee, is sold more for religious purpose.  This produces a larger profit for the cow owner.   However, a man in my neighborhood has a special cow and people drive across town daily to get that milk.  Here is an article detailing to history and use of Ghee in India.