Picture of the Day - April 29

A lane in Varanasi before work begins in the morning.  On the right a man talks to someone not seen inside a shop.  Ahead a man walks to work.  A building in the background is covered from the roof all the way to the street as it undergoes exterior remodeling.  Business in Varanasi gets started between 10 am and 11 am.  Rush hour is around 9 am.  The roads can get really crowded when the buses go out to pickup and drop off children from school.  At that time, it's necessary to take the backroads of Varanasi, of which, there are plenty.  Varanasi is the fourth most crowded city in India behind Calcutta, Mumbai and Chennai.  That being the case, there is nothing so peaceful as watching the sunrise at 6 am over Ganges river.