Pilgrim Book House

Owner: Mr. Rama Nand Tiwari

Shop manager: Mr Shyam Tiwari

B 27/98. A-8 Nawab Ganj Road, Durga Kund. Varanasi 221010


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Mobile: 9670007733

Just kitty corner from the Durga Kund talab (water tank) is a gullie (lane) down which you'll find Pilgrim's Book House.  You'll know it when you get there cause they've got a cool entrance with a carved arch.  Inside there's two floors of book and even a small temple in the rear.  Collections include books on Indology, philosophy, Vedic science, Ayurveda, Indian music and History.  Check this place out when your in the Durga Kund area.  If you're going to Nepal afterwards, the've got an even bigger bookstore in Nepal.