Aryan ENT Clinic

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ENT Clinic and Aryan Dental Clinic

D. 59/103 N-2

Opposite St. Smith School, Sigra, Varanasi

Ph: 0542-1111986, 2221930

Dr. K. N. Mishra first started his Ear, Nose and Throat clinic in 1972.  Since that time, his son Dr. Rajiv Mishra has joined him as an E.N.T. surgeon.  This interesting family are all doctos including their wives!  Dr. Shivendra Mishra, a practicing dentist at the clinic, is also Dr. Mishra's son.  He is married to Dr. Preeti Mishra who practices dentistry as well.  The whole family works out of their Sigra clinic.  If the condition needs surgery, there is an attached clinic for overnight stays.  The staff are very friendly.  Their names from left to right are Sanjay Rai, Tribhuvan Yadav and Suresh Shrivastav.  Mr. S.R. Shastri is the most senior of non-doctor practitioners (pictured alone) and is quite friendly.  If the condition requires an ENT specialist, then come to the ENT Clinic.  If the condition requires a dentist, come also the same building (different wing) to the Aryan Dental Clinic!

Apollo Hospital


Mahmoorganj Road, Varanasi

The Apollo hospital brand is one of the best in all of India and the same is true for Varanasi.  They are not a full hospital service hospital, but they do most things and they have a pharmacy as well as as a 20 bed air conditioned intensive care unit.  They are known for being the least expensive in the city while offering the best in medicine.