Ragini Diagnostic Center

01 Swastic Plaza, near Ravidas gate, Lanka, Varanasi - 221005

Ph: 0542-2369226

Mob: 8004367679,

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Ragini Diagnostic is now open for business!  Located next to Ravidas gate in Lanka in the new Swastic Plaza, Ragini Diagnostic specializes in Pathology including haematology, biochemistry, immunology/serology, viral markers, tumour markers, hormonal assays, drug assays, microbiology, cytology, histopathology, bone marrow aspiration and bone biopsy.  Dr. Ritu Ragini (pictured above) is a medical doctor in the field of pathology.  Her husband is a surgeon working out of a local hospital.  What makes this place unique is the fact that it is run by a woman doctor, of which, there are very few .  If you need a pathology report or just need some quick medical advice, don't first go to Heritage hospital (next to the university) as there is a "white tax" of 600 rupees just even to get an appointment with a doctor.  Dr. Ritu Ragini is in Lanka to serve you.