No Problem Pakalu Tea Shop

At Pandey ghat there is a small tea stall called "No Problem Pakalu Tea Shop."  Sanjay makes a wonderful ginger lemon tea and masala chai.  There is also a place to sit and watch the Ganges and the people who walk along the ghats.  People say that Sanjey made his tea shop name "No Problem Pakalu Tea Shop" because people were saying that the water he used was not clean.  Sanjay makes great efforts to keep his shop neat and tidy and that extends also to the water he uses which is filter water brought from his home.  You can be assured that the chai at Sanjay's shop is clean.  It also tastes great!  I've included a photo of a boat being made on the ghat just below the shop to give you an idea of the kind of interesting things there are to see around Sanjay's shop at Pandey ghat.

SK Cool Care

In Bengali Tola there is a great tea stall called SK Cool Care.  It is located near a lot of guesthouses in which, pilgrims from all over India stay.  Check out this cool tea stall!

Kashi Tea Stall



Assi road, Varanasi

Kashi Tea and Coffee Stall has been serving tea and coffee for many years.  Kashi and his son Lakan serve up a very tasty tea.  If you prefer coffee, they also have beens from south India as well as Italian beans.  Do you need a safe place to keep your bag for a few hours?  Kashi looks after your stuff!  Stop by Kashi Tea and Coffee Stall next time you are in the Assi area.

Lakshmi Chai Walah

Chowk, Varanasi

Lakshmi Chai Walah (chai walah means "the one who sells tea") has been in business for several generations at chowk in Varanasi.  It is the only tea stall which gives tea in real porcelain cups and dishes.  There are two snacks available.  The first is bread lathered with butter and the second is bread lathered with yogurt and topped with sugar.  These two go great with chai!  You might be wondering where to sit, but if you go through the entrance, you will see on the left and right actual benches and tables in rooms.  If you are in Chowk, stop by and try some chai today!

Vipin Tea Stall

Vipin Tea Stall is a great place to stop and have a cold drink or a hot chai.  It is right across the street from the park which separates the two roads in cantonment.  A lot of people go to Nadeshar for motorbike add-ons and car repair.  When you must go for this purpose, try Vipin's chai.