Shiv Prasaad Lassi Bhandar

Shiv Prasaad Lassi Bhandar has been serving up lassi since the 1960's.  It is located right at Ramnagar Fort having been built into the fort wall.  A prominently displayed sign shows the price of their only product; a Lassi (20 rupees = US 50 cents).  The snack called "lassi" consists of sweetened yogur topped with "rabri" which is sweetened condensed milk.  It is served in a clay cup called a "coolherd."  A "bhandar" is a warehouse or storeroom.  Shiv Prasaad Lassi Bhandar certainly has a lot of lassi stored up!  If your sightseeing at Ramnagar, you wont want to pass up an opportunity to enjoy a lassi at Shiv Prasaad Lassi Bhandar!