Blue Lassi Shop

Blue Lassi Shop, Kauchari Gali, (near burning ghat) Chowk, Varanasi

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As his father has done, Panna Lal Lassi Wale has been making sweetened yogurt drinks (Lassi) since he was a child.  The Blue Lassi Shop is a third generation business located in Kachauri Gali near Chowk on the way to the Manikarnika burning ghat.  It is the only sweetened yogurt shop which adds seasonal fruit to the drink.  Tthere are a lot of photos and notes to read in the shop from the myriad tourists who have made it a resting place.  If you are on your way to or coming back from Manikarnika ghat, check Blue Lassi out and try the best lassi in Varanasi!