Shiv Prasaad Lassi Bhandar

Shiv Prasaad Lassi Bhandar has been serving up lassi since the 1960's.  It is located right at Ramnagar Fort having been built into the fort wall.  A prominently displayed sign shows the price of their only product; a Lassi (20 rupees = US 50 cents).  The snack called "lassi" consists of sweetened yogur topped with "rabri" which is sweetened condensed milk.  It is served in a clay cup called a "coolherd."  A "bhandar" is a warehouse or storeroom.  Shiv Prasaad Lassi Bhandar certainly has a lot of lassi stored up!  If your sightseeing at Ramnagar, you wont want to pass up an opportunity to enjoy a lassi at Shiv Prasaad Lassi Bhandar!

Paraag Milk Baar

Owner: Saurabh Singh

Address: Lanka, Varanasi

"Paraag" means "a fragrant powder" while "baar" means "gate" or "doorway."  The Paraag Milk Baar is your doorway to great tasting yogurt, sweetened milk, plain milk, or This is a great little shop to get milk, yogurt, lassi (sweetened milk), and kheer.  Kheer is "a dish of rice boiled in milk with added sugar."  In this case it is Channa Kheer which means "strained sweetened rice."  While Saurabh is the owner, his father Girish (pictured in the shop) also looks after the shop.  Stop by Paraag Milk Baar and test out what makes them famous!

Blue Lassi Shop

Blue Lassi Shop, Kauchari Gali, (near burning ghat) Chowk, Varanasi

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As his father has done, Panna Lal Lassi Wale has been making sweetened yogurt drinks (Lassi) since he was a child.  The Blue Lassi Shop is a third generation business located in Kachauri Gali near Chowk on the way to the Manikarnika burning ghat.  It is the only sweetened yogurt shop which adds seasonal fruit to the drink.  Tthere are a lot of photos and notes to read in the shop from the myriad tourists who have made it a resting place.  If you are on your way to or coming back from Manikarnika ghat, check Blue Lassi out and try the best lassi in Varanasi! 

Dwarkapuri Milk Bahar

 Name: Dwarkapuri Milk Bahar

Owner: Rajkumar and Vishnu Yadav
Location: Chowk, Vishal Achi Bhavan

Need a refreshing drink on a hot day? Come to the Dwarkapuri Milk Shop where owner Rajkumar and Vishnu are always making a fresh Lassi. The price is 10 rupees and it’s well worth it. Served in a traditional one time use clay cup, this delicious drink will sooth a dry throat. When asked how long his shop has been running, Yadavji replied that his ancestors had first started the shop and he couldn’t remember the exact date. “But at least 100 years” he guessed. Eleven out of twelve months of the year Lassi is served while Makhan Malia is served from November to early March. How do you get there? If you are facing the Chowk police station, it is just to the right along the main road after the Muslim shrine. A two minute stop is all it takes to enjoy one of Rajkumar’s famed Lassis.

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