Shopper's Mart

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Owner: Sandeep Baranwal

Sigra-Mahmoorganj Road (opposite Cartridge World)

Mob. 9839226446

Shopper's Mart was the first store in Varanasi to introduce wheeled carts for the convenience of their customers.  Feel free to browse the isles at your leisure using the supplied wheeled carts.  From makeup to frozen foods, this AC store has it all.  Do you need a toy or a board game for a birthday party?  Stop by Shopper's Mart!  Are you looking for high quality makeup and accessories?  Stop by Shopper's Mart!  Sandeep Baranwal is often to be found at the store and is ready to help you.  However, if he is not available, Srivastavji is also their and can answer any question you may have.  Stop by Shopper's Mart today!