Mellow Bakers - Kuber Complex, Rathyatra

Mellow Bakers Mellow Bakers - Kuber Complex




R.K. Barnwal - Mob: 9839068746

Vijendra Barnwal - Mob: 9305067367

Vikas Brnwal - Mob: 9919710097

Kuber Market Ground Floor, Rathyatra, Varanasi

Mellow Bakers is hands down the best place in the city to get imported food.  You can buy many different types of canned meat, cheese, flavours, sauces, coffee beans, etc.  Mellow Bakers will meet all your baking needs as well as they stock lots of chocolate and cake mixes.  The shop is located in the basement of Kuber Shopping complex in Rathyatra. There is also a separate direct front entrance so that you can get in for a quick visit.  Stop on by Mellow Bakers today!