Mohan Lal & Sons

Lanka, Varanasi Mohan Lal & Sons is run by Raj and Gopal. They carry all kinds of dried goods as well as cooking utensils and plactic ware. Both Raj and Gopal have taken the business over from their father (Mohan Lal) who ran it for many years. Check out Mohan Lal & Sons today!

Smart Shops

Shakhambari Complex, Bhelupur, Varanasi

Smart Shops is a great place to drop by for everyday items such as rice, lentils, snacks and toiletries.

Shopper's Mart

shoppers 1

shoppers 2




Owner: Sandeep Baranwal

Sigra-Mahmoorganj Road (opposite Cartridge World)

Mob. 9839226446

Shopper's Mart was the first store in Varanasi to introduce wheeled carts for the convenience of their customers.  Feel free to browse the isles at your leisure using the supplied wheeled carts.  From makeup to frozen foods, this AC store has it all.  Do you need a toy or a board game for a birthday party?  Stop by Shopper's Mart!  Are you looking for high quality makeup and accessories?  Stop by Shopper's Mart!  Sandeep Baranwal is often to be found at the store and is ready to help you.  However, if he is not available, Srivastavji is also their and can answer any question you may have.  Stop by Shopper's Mart today!

Kothar General Store - Hathwa Market

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grocery 2

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Owner: Rekha Agrawal

Hathwa Market, Lahurabeer, Varanasi

Ph: 0542-2421740

This store is one of the cleanest general stores in Eastern Uttar Pradesh!  If you need bathroom items, juices or snacks, the Hathwa Market General Store is the place to go.  Rekha Agrawal has worked hard to keep the shop pretty and it shows in clean floors and clean products.  Stop by Kothar the next time your out for shopping and say "hello" at Kothar.

Cool Care - Sonarpura



Sonarpura Crossing, Varanasi

Located at Sonarpura Crossing, Cool Care is a grocery store stocking many types of food and drink.  For the tourist, they have Nutella, Tang, Hershey's Syrup and Kellogs cereal. While for the Indian, they have many types of cookies, Achar and spices.  Their location is most convenient for shopping as they are on the main road from Godowlia to Assi right at the intersection leading to Harischandra ghat.

Vaishnavi General Store - Sigra

Sigra, Varanasi (Opposite Handloom House)

This is a great store to stop in if you are on the main road in Sigra.  Lots of tourists stop here for that very reason.  While your sitting in an auto or on a rickshaw, keep your eye peeled for a shop on the lefthand side of the road (heading towards Ratyatra).  Roshani a very personable person, is the owner.  He's got everything in a small shop such as ice cream, cookies, chips and soda pop.

Kalra Cool - Rath yatra

Owner: Amit Kalra, Vineet Kalra

Maharaja Katra, Rathyatra, Varanasi

Ph: 0542-3240707

Mob: 9935819435

Kalra Cool is a complete Home store where you can buy common items of your daily need.  Amitji and Vineetji are the owners and as such, are ready to help you get the products you need fast!

Keshari Coool - Rath yatra

Keshari Coool

Keshari Coool - Lanka

Owner: Ashish Keshari, Anuj Keshari
Ashish : 9839873366
Anuj : 9839157855
Ph: 0542-3295001, 0542-2454549

Keshari Coool is a general store as well as a confectionary & bakery.  They sell canned meat, filter coffee, cheese, cooking chocolates, different oils and sauces, Pasta, macroni, different flavours, icing sugar, etc. In short this place is one stop for all your kitchen supplies and baking needs!  Keshari Coool offers free delivery so make your order today!

Mellow Bakers - Kuber Complex, Rathyatra

Mellow Bakers Mellow Bakers - Kuber Complex




R.K. Barnwal - Mob: 9839068746

Vijendra Barnwal - Mob: 9305067367

Vikas Brnwal - Mob: 9919710097

Kuber Market Ground Floor, Rathyatra, Varanasi

Mellow Bakers is hands down the best place in the city to get imported food.  You can buy many different types of canned meat, cheese, flavours, sauces, coffee beans, etc.  Mellow Bakers will meet all your baking needs as well as they stock lots of chocolate and cake mixes.  The shop is located in the basement of Kuber Shopping complex in Rathyatra. There is also a separate direct front entrance so that you can get in for a quick visit.  Stop on by Mellow Bakers today!

Krishna Store - Lanka

Krishna - Lanka

Owner: Banke Behari Kejriwal

Lanka, Varanasi

Ph: 0542-2367533 O
Ph: 0542-2367458 R

Krishna General Merchant Krishna's is the best place to get imported food in Lanka.  They carry canned meats and cheeses from Europe as well as canned vegetables.  They also do home delivery.  On the 1st floor, Krishna's stocks kitchen items as wel as toys.  Stop by Krishna General Store and see for yourself what kinds of imported items are available!