Om Coffee | BHU Vishwanath Mandir


Name: Om Coffee

Owner: Ramji Yadav

Location: Vishwanath Mandir, Banaras Hindu University

One of the best hangout spots in Banaras is outside the Vishwanath mandir at BHU. As you come up to the entrance to the temple, you’ll see right and left stores selling food and books. There’s a lot of South Indian food available here primarly because it’s s tourist spot for South Indians. However, one small shop is doing a good business of Cold coffee or mango smoothies (both with or without icecream). The three primary workers in this business are Pallu, Raju and Pintu. You’ll notice the place right away cause there’s two guys standing above the crowd with several blenders making shakes and having a good time. Pintu does the delivery and clean up with a smile. It got so that when they saw me coming, they’d have the coffee ready and delivered to my special spot right under the papal tree. Yep, that’s the spot where you can watch thousands of people each day coming and going from the mandir. The police also like that spot because of the shade it provides. But I like to stand against the guard rails there and think about like while I’m sipping my coffee. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by Om Coffee for a cold one in the summer or a warm one in the winter.