Bread of Life Bakery and Restaurant

Owner: James Heatherington

Manager: Hariram Sharma

Mob. 9415818186

Bread of Life has been in business since the late 1990's running a restaurant as well as selling baked goods.  Their menu is divided into a breakfast and lunch/dinner menu.  For breakfast there are skillets, omelets, french toast, pancakes, cereal and fruit plates.  Lunch is a huge menu and includes, soups, sandwiches, salads, quiche lorraine, moussaka, meiterranean eggplant escalope, ratatouille, portugese warm salad, pizza, spinach fettuccinni, pasta, carbonara, tagliatelle al tono, chili-con-carne and chickpea goulash among other things.  Their menu is huge!  For drinks there is espresso, tea, japanese green tea and fresh orange/carrot juice.  The restaurant is quite and semi-dark.  There are also tables outside on the balcony.  There is a huge list of baked goods items for sale as well.  Bread of Life is one of the best restaurants in town and definitely worth a visit!