Brown Bread Bakery

Michael Schmid owns the Brown Bread Bakery & Restaurant in Tripura Bairavi Lane off of the Dasashwamedh Road. As of January 2012, he has done extensive updating at his new location. There is now a rooftop sitting area with a view of the far bank of the Ganges river. Micheal has provided a great selection of both German and Italian dishes many of which are made with organic products. For updates on the Brown Bread Bakery check out  As Michael has a heart for disadvantaged children, he has started a school called "Learn for Life School" located in Aurangabad colony of Varanasi.  For information on the school Michael funds with the proceeds from his restaurant check out  

Cake'n Cookies

Owner: Arun Lakhmani

Ph: 0542-3276060

Shakumbhari Complex, Bhelupur, Varanasi

Cake'n Cookies is one of the best cake and pastry shops in town.  They sell fresh vegetarian and paneer patties, fresh cakes and packaged cookies.  You buy cake by the slice or by weight.  In a hurry to get your cake?  One kilogram cakes take only thirty minutes while four kilogram cakes take only two hours.  Need some party supplies?  Come to Cake'n Cookies!  The shop also carries a limited supply of Haldiram's and sauces because they know you need something salty after something sweet!

Bread of Life Bakery and Restaurant

Owner: James Heatherington

Manager: Hariram Sharma

Mob. 9415818186

Bread of Life has been in business since the late 1990's running a restaurant as well as selling baked goods.  Their menu is divided into a breakfast and lunch/dinner menu.  For breakfast there are skillets, omelets, french toast, pancakes, cereal and fruit plates.  Lunch is a huge menu and includes, soups, sandwiches, salads, quiche lorraine, moussaka, meiterranean eggplant escalope, ratatouille, portugese warm salad, pizza, spinach fettuccinni, pasta, carbonara, tagliatelle al tono, chili-con-carne and chickpea goulash among other things.  Their menu is huge!  For drinks there is espresso, tea, japanese green tea and fresh orange/carrot juice.  The restaurant is quite and semi-dark.  There are also tables outside on the balcony.  There is a huge list of baked goods items for sale as well.  Bread of Life is one of the best restaurants in town and definitely worth a visit!

Flavours Cafe

Swastik Complex, Lanka (next to Ravidas gate)

Flavours Cafe in Lanka next to Ravidas gate is now open for business.  This could be the coldest place in Lanka as a generator is installed to run the three air conditioning units. The view from the cafe through their floor to ceiling windows is excep tional. Flavours offers many types of coffees as well as non-caffeinated drinks.  They also sell many types of pastries and even pizza and sandwiches. Hours are 10am to 10pm.  After a hiatus of two years, Flavours is again ready to serve Varanasi!

Assi International Ashram

Owner: Laotse Tripathi and the Tripathi brothers

Address: Assi Road, Varanasi

Assi International Ashram is a great place to sit and enjoy a muffin and chai.  Laotse has learned the art of baking and makes apple, banana and chocolate muffins as well as several types of bread.  His chocolate cupcakes are quite popular as well.  All the baked goods are eggless.  The Tripathi's are one of the first families to stock organic products and now carry the Organic India brand of products.  In their house they make peanut butter, tahini butter and various jams.  All the jams are made with pure unprocessed sugar.  The Trupathi's relatives make honey and white honey which is brought from their land in Ghorakpur.  They also harvest red rice from their farm and bring it to the shop for sale.  Various types of incense are also available as well as bottled water.  Just want to fill up your water bottle?  They charge only a few rupees for a liter of clean water.  In 2011, Laotse's brother Nomi opened a cyber cafe right next door.  There are two other brothers in the Tripathi family one of which, takes people on tours of the ghats and the old city.  The Assi International Ashram is a great place to hang out and the Tripathi brothers are great guys to hang out with!