Varanasi's Water Park


Varanasi has it's own water park!  There are four slides and a large pool.  Hours are 11am-5pm and it runs starting in February through to November.  The park is located off the main Allahabad Varanasi highway near the main access road leading to Varanasi.  From the Varanasi railway station, it takes about twenty minutes by taxi.  The entrance fee as of 2011 is 150 rupees for adults and 125 rupees for children (based on height).  

Kabir's Birthplace

Kabir's birthplace is located in Laharatara Varanasi.  The picture on the left is of a small temple in his honor.  The man sitting on the left of the next picture is the priest in charge of the Kabir temple in Lahatara.

There is a new temple being built in Kabir's honor just across the valley.  When I asked about that one, the priest made it clear to me that it is not a historical temple.  To him, it didn't seem all that important because it wasn't built on the spot of Kabir's birthplace.  What's neat about these two temples is that they are far away from the crowds.  Nobody goes to these places except to be alone.  If you need a place to be alone, check out Kabir's birthplace in Laharatar Varanasi. Follow this link to read more about the Poet Kabir.

Jñana-Pravaha - Centre for Cultural Studies & Research

Jñana-Pravaha - Centre for Cultural Studies & Research

South of Samne Ghat, Varanasi 221005

Ph: +91-542-2366326

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since time immemorial, Varanasi has been an acclaimed seat of education and culture. This wealth has drawn many seers, sages, and scholars to Kashi and they, in turn, have contributed to its eminence. Kashi's magnetic lustre drew Smt. Bimla Poddar also, who began philanthropic work for the exploration and preservation of India's rich culture. In 1996, her vision culminated in the inception of Jnana-Pravaha, a Centre for Cultural Studies under the Jnana-PravahaTrust. It is situated on the west bank of the Ganga in a pristine environment. (

Jñana means "knowledge, understanding, wisdom or learning" and Pravaha means "current or flow (of water/electricity etc)."  The Jñana-Pravaha society was created to encourage the continued practice of Indian traditions. Set right on the banks of the Ganges river in Varanasi, it houses an entire museum of artifacts from ancient India.  As this is a private museum and art gallery, tickets are sold at 50 rupees person.  Photography inside the building is not permitted.  Craftsmen produces idols made out of silver, gold, bronze and stone as well as bowls, cups etc all beautifully engraved. These are all for sale at Jñana-Pravaha. The gardens are exceptional and contain a variety of flora and fauna native to India.  Come and browse the ancient artifacts of Northern India.  Then, take a walk in the garden and meet the craftsmen.  It is well worth a trip to see this museum and art gallery.

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Swimming at Clark's Hotel

Clark's Hotel in cantonment in Varanasi has a great pool.  They charge 400 rupees per person and children are free.  The pool has no diving board but is deep enough (about 7.5 foot) in the deep end to dive.  It is shaded on one side by netting. Surrounding the pool are huge trees and bamboo.  There are several workout machines near the pool as well.  Timing is 9 am - 8 pm.