V.I.P. Market for Women's Attire

The V.I.P. market a one stop shopping mall for women!  It's located right across the street from the fruit sellers in Lanka, Varanasi.  Downstairs on the right is Sharda Boutique owned by Sanjeev Sharma.  He is known for selling high quality salwar suits and pants for women.  The fabrics come from all over India and range in price from rs 250 to rs 1000.  After buying salwar suit you'll need to take it to a tailor.  You'll probably want to take it to a reputable one so just walk right around the corner to Jotika Women's Dress Shop.  Jyotsana has been professionally tailoring all types of women's clothing including ladies suits and saris for at least ten years.  Lately, she has also begun selling bangles as well.  After you've given your cloth to the tailors, go upstairs to Kushbu Cosmetics where Shiv Shankar Tiwari works.  He's been running this shop for about four years as he recently re tired from the army.  In his shop you'll find not only artificial jewelry, but also a large assortment of women's perfumes and cosmetics supplies as well as bangles.  After having been to V.I.P. Market in Lanka, you'll notice your pocket has gotten a bit lighter, however I'm sure you will agree that the experience was worth the cost!