Paraslakshmi Exports

Harish Rijhwani

D-61/16, Sidhgiribagh

Varanasi, 221010

Tel: 0542-2411496

Mob: 9415449348

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paraslakshmi Exports is the place to shop of you are looking for silk scarves and woolen shawls. Harish Rijhwani, the proprietor has been in the business since 1981. He supplies silk duvets/bed covers, silk table sets and silk sarees. His woolen shawls are all Pashmina from Kashmir. When you enter the shop (located in his house in Sidgiribagh) you will notice that the walls are lined with glassed in shelves filled with fabrics. A distinguishing mark of Varanasi culture is the service of Chai to guests and Harish is no exception. His immense knowledge of fabrics is displayed as he transitions easily from Hindi to English to French explaning all the differences in weave. Paraslakshmi Exports accepts all types of credit cards as well as cash payment. If you want to ship your products to another location on your journey he can do that as well. If you need a tailor, he has one on duty who can take your measurements immediately. Give Harish a call or just stop by. The auto-rickshaw drivers may say that his shop is closed, but don’t believe it! Harish does not give commission to drivers or guides so you can be assured you are getting a fair price for your fabrics.