Menka Creation

Owner: Menu Damani

Durgakund, Damani Nivas, Varanasi

Ph: 0542-2310227

Mob: 9453392313

Menuji had an idea to create a boutique sari store and that is exactly what she did.  From floor to ceiling, not to mention the saris and kurtis, she is designing.  Most of the clothes are "One piece concepts" meaning, you won't see it worn by any other person.  Menuji sarees, western kurtis, suits, bags, bedsheets, jewelry and accessories.  When you enter the shop, you will notice right away that there is a lot of light.  She wanted it to be so and has installed huge windows for that purpose.  You might wonder were to get your sari or suit stitched.  However, Menuji has thought of that as well and gives stitching is free.  Stop in and see a beautifully designed boutique shop and don't forget to look at the designers sarees as well!