Auto House

Owners: Amarjeet Bhasin and Gurmeet Bhasin

Ph: 0542-2504025

Mob: 9336911897, 9839057900

Nadesar, Varanasi (at the Nadesar crossing)

The Auto House has been in business since 1986 selling premium accessories for all types of cars.  Mr. Bhasin is an authorized dealer for Sony, Kenwood, JBL and Nippon products all of which are guaranteed for the warranty period.  A full decoration service for cars purchased for weddings is available.  Chrome, beadings, safety guards, floor covers, seat covers, fog lights and dark glass films can also be installed on demand.  Mr. Bhasin has been in the business for over two decades and knows the car business like no other.  Stop by Auto House today and see what they can do for you!

Murari Motors

Owner: Raj Kumar

Nadeshar, Varanasi

Mob: 9889081250, 9889081246, 9889081298

Murari Motors is a great place to get brand name quality horns, headlights and batteries for your motorbike and car.  They stock accessories for Maruti, Indica, Matiz, Santro, Tata Sumo, Ambassador, Mahindra, Toyota Qualis and all types of Jeeps.  Installation happens at the time of purchase!

Sarvottam Auto

Mob. 9415992814

Address: Kashi Anathaliya Building, Lahurabir, Varanasi (west of Lahurabir crossing)

Sarvottam Auto is one of only two Studds hemet dealers in Varanasi.  They carry the whole line of Studds helmets. They also carry Ceat tires and can install them right at the store.  In the front of the store on the side they service all types of motorbikes.  This is the place to go in Varanasi for a quality helmet.  Is your Studds helmet shield cracked?  They carry replacements. Are you in need of a side box?  Sarvottam Auto carries several types of sideboxes.  Starting in 2011, Sarvottam began carrying Vega helmets as well.  The Vega brand is a high quality helment from South India.  It is known for its style and for its graphics.  Give Sarvottam a try for helmets, accessories and bike servicing.